The Assistive Technology Training & Information Center (ATTIC) was established to provide short-term trial periods of assistive technology tools to students with disabilities before schools or parents invest time and money into a particular piece of technology.

Technology Trial Periodpolicies

  • Adaptive Toys (90 Days)
  • Books, Reference Guides, CDs (90 Days)
  • Communication Devices (90 Days)
  • Learning Aids (90 Days)
  • Software (90 Days)
  • Tablets (e.g., iPad) and Computers (60 Days)

All tools and devices are considered the property of ATTIC. Tools are not to be transferred from one student to another. At the end of the use period for one child, the assistive technology device must be given back to the lending library prior to the loan of that device to another child. The person checking out the device is responsible for the device’s return.