Slant Boards provide students with an elevated and easier to reach work surface for both reading and writing. Students who experience challenges in directionality, visual tracking, or head movement may benefit from the use of this tool.

slant board

Pencil Grips are tools that can assist students with handwriting. Pencil grips help to position the hand and fingers properly for handwriting. They are slipped onto pens and pencils to provide a stable holding surface. Pencil grips come in variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

pencil grip kit

Raised Lined Paper is a low-tech aid that can assist students with sensory processing, visual motor, or other learning disabilities in handwriting. This special paper provides students with visual (colors) and tactile (raised lines) cues for writing on lines.

Weighted Pencils are devices that provide weight to writing instruments. These tools can help students suffering from hand tremors or who grip too tightly to write more evenly.

weighted pencil

Penagain® is an adapted writhing instrument that eliminates the need for students to grip in order to write. It is designed to alleviate stresses normally encountered with a standard pen.


Handwriting Without Tears is a handwriting curriculum that teaches through the use of multisensory instruction. The program is designed to provide help to children with poor motor coordination.  hwt

Teach Handwriting is a comprehensive website exclusively dedicated to the area of handwriting. Many handwriting resources, including videos, developmental stages of prewriting and writing, games and activities are provided.