Math Resources (6 – 12)


Web Resources (6-12)

Algebra Calculators – all kinds of calculators with step-by-step process

Brightstorm – free and subscription math and science videos.  Will now also link with select textbooks to provide video instruction.  Math support includes Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trig, Pre Calculus, and Calculus.  Science videos include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Has a new feature that supports Test Prep for SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP.

FLEX Math – student centered approach to Algebra from CK-12 Foundation

Khanacademy -watch, practice and learn almost anything for free – through YouTube – Khanacademy has thousands of instructional video supports for math and science

Manga High – free (at least for now) website for schools to access and set up teacher / student access for math support

Mathcasts and More – information and Quicktime videos, math worksheet generator, using LiveScribe pen for math instruction, and much more

Math Words – click glossary of math terms

NumberNut – wonderful resources for all levels of math, including Algebra

Purplemath – free and subscription.  Algebra lessons emphasize practicalities rather than technicalities – demonstrating dependable techniques, warning of likely “trick” questions, and pointing out common mistakes.  Lessons are cross referenced to help you find related material.  List of other sites for Algebra support is also provided.


Web Resources (K-12)

AAA Math – K-12 site with built in timer for fact practice. Able to print report with # correct and time required.

Shodor Interactivate – set of free, online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics.  Comprised of activities, lessons, and discussions.

Illuminations Virtual Manipulatives – K-12 resource of activities and lessons from the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – related to the NCTM standard from Utah State University

Web Math – provides step by step support for mathematic process.  Includes + – X divide, algebra, calculus, trig, etc.